Erin Hendricks, RDA, DPM

Erin is a Dental Assistant of 30 plus years and is the current President Elect of the Maryland Dental Assistants Association. She is an active member of the American Dental Assistants Association. In her spare time, she freelances as a make up artist.


Topic: The Importance of the Dental Assistant: Chairside and Beyond


Course Objectives:
To uplift and empower dental assistants by demonstrating their role in the practice productivity and profitability. Let's get set up for career success.

Demonstrate how important it is that dental assistants should do everything their state allows them to do.

Understanding that CE is critical to maintaining and enhancing your dental assistant skills

Learn how being crossed trained can help, not hinder your career.

Learn how to work efficiently and effectively with your doctor.

Learn why details matter, even the little ones.

Tips and Pearls to take back and implement on Monday.

Erin will be a presenter and also on the Key Panel for Open Hour Discussion.

Allison Lacoursiere, RDA, OA, CPC

An innovator in Clear Aligner Operations and the creator of the Clear Aligner Systematization methodology. As the founder of Clear Coaching she is an expert in Clear Aligner Systems and helping Dentists streamline their efficiency and increase their production. She has a decade of dental experience, is currently a member AADOM, is certified as a Registered Dental Assistant, Orthodontic Assistant as well as Dental Office Management through the University of Toronto. Additionally she is a certified professional coach through IPEC and a member of the International Coaches Federation, UC Davis for Coaching as a Manager and she has done work with the Productive Dentist Academy.


Allison can help any dental office struggling with not enough time, disorganization or inefficiency to better train and delegate among their team to improve their office culture and increase their revenues.

The Power & Passion of Clear Aligners

• What is happening in the Clear Aligner industry right now and why is it important to you.

• The power clear aligners have to transform a practice.

• The power clear aligners have to transform your career.

• Why the dental assistant is the secret weapon behind clear aligners

• How to become a leader in your practice with clear aligners.

• The power you have to create changes in your office and in your patients lives

More to come...

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